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__ |__|__ __| | Related article: Harry heard the whistle of the night air in the ears, Dumbledore murmur again in a strange language. He thought he understood why he felt , like the broom shudder for a moment, when he flew over the border wall to on the basis that Dumbledore was loosening the charms that had been proposed to n the castle, so join the speed. The Dark Mark glowing directly in the Astronomy Tower, the tallest of the castle. Caused the death s has been Dumbledore had already crossed the battlements and disassembly ; ? Harry landed next to him later, second and looked around. The walls were deserted. The door to the staircase at the rear LED the castle was closed. There were no signs of struggle, a struggle for the death of a body. " What do you mean ?" Harry asked Dumbledore looked green skull with tongue snake its shining angry. "Is it true mark ? Havedefinitely someone - Professor ' weak green glow in the brand Harry saw Dumbledore grabbed the breast of his s black hand. 'Go and wake Severus, " Dumbledore said weakly, but significantly. Tell what happened , and bring it to me. You talk to anyone else Noth -ing and do not remove your coat. 'll wait here, " ", but -. " " You have sworn to obey me, Harry - go ' Harry ran to the door, a spiral staircase, but her hand n just been in the iron ring of the door when he heard running trace the other side. looked at Dumbledore, who indicated that about to retire. Harry stepped back, pulled out his wand, as it did. the door opened and someone came through it and shouted, " Expelliarmus " was the body of Harry the instantly rigid and immobile, and was falling back to leaning against the wall of the tower as a statue of insurance, unable to move on a talk. I could not understand how he happena - Freezing Charm Expelliarmus was not So, in light of Mark, he saw Dumbledore 's wand flying in an arc understood by the outskirts of the city walls y... Dumbledore had wordlessly Harry immobilized, and the second held the spell had cost him a him the chance to defend himself. Standing Adipex Online in front of the ramparts, very white face, Dumbledore was no sign of panic or despair. He looked only disarm and said : ". Good night, Draco, " took a step Malfoy back and looked around quickly to see that he and Dumbledore alone. His eyes fell on the second broom. " Who else is here? " " A question that one asks. Or are Adipex Online you alone?"
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